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    Starting this morning, my Blackberry Priv wifi suddenly cannot connect to the internet. I have tried to reset the router, and my computer, kindle, and other devices are all working and connecting without any problems. My phone, however, goes through all of the processes normally, recognizing the network, authenticating, and connecting, to only result in "Connected, no Internet". I have tried to "forget" the network and add it back to no avail. I have tried connecting via WPS; no go. I have tried the "reset all networks" feature, and, of course, this did nothing. I have turned my phone on and off about 100 times... I really do not know what more I can do.

    There is nothing that I have done differently. I have not downloaded anything or updated my phone. This just suddenly started to happen, and for me, this is a major concern. I travel out of country often and rely on my wifi connections for 85 percent of my communication.

    I am not very tech savvy, and have honestly been impressed with what I have been able to figure out myself, but I really do not know what to do.

    Currently I live in China, which makes resources rather a challenge with the language barrier and lack of Blackberry and Goggle Products.

    Can someone please help me?

    Thank you in advanced!
    07-14-18 01:18 PM
  2. akshay_neudigit's Avatar
    Try "Network setting reset"
    1. settings
    2. more
    3. network setting reset.
    cold boot your device after that..
    07-18-18 02:37 PM

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