1. nonya10009's Avatar
    I have Quick Charge 2.0 Qi wireless - whatever thatmeans.
    I think the part of phone that the micro charger goes into might be faulty or something is wrong w/ my battery.
    I have so many chargers (plugs and wires) that I dont remember which two parts (plug and wire) the Priv came with, so I've been trying different scenarios, and my phone seems to stop charging in the 30%s then loses power while still plugged in at night.
    I was considering a BlackBerry Priv pad charger so I dont have to use the wires, but I need to know which Pad charger is made specifically for BBPriv?
    Tmobile wants to give me a LG non-Querty to replace my Priv since they haven't any BB's or Querty key pad phones.
    I cant function without a Querty key pad.
    04-27-18 02:39 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    which Pad charger is made specifically for BBPriv?
    Any that support Qi wireless. Just look for that and you should be fine.
    04-27-18 05:43 PM
  3. nonya10009's Avatar
    04-27-18 06:02 PM

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