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    I hope you're all well and someone can help me out, as I couldn't find an answer elsewhere.

    Simple problem really: I recently bought a pair of bluetooth headsets (Plantronics Backbeat Pro, then Sony MDR-1000X as I thought the problem was the headset) and whenever in Bluetooth (never with the cable), everytime I adjust the volume via the headset, it actually adjusts the volume of the bluetooth of the phone and NOT the volume of the headset itself.

    Unfortunately, as by default the volume of my headset seems quite high, this means that even at the lowest level of bluetooth it is almost already too loud for me.

    Additionally, obviously the sound is sub-par as too amplified.

    I only have this with bluetooth headsets (not with portable speakers for instance) and only with my BlackBerry Priv (not with a Samsung Galaxy).

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

    10-03-16 05:08 PM
  2. johnb_xp's Avatar
    Wait for a software update to fix it? Contact blackberry support and maybe they can fix it or report the bug.
    10-04-16 01:13 PM

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