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    I attend lots of live musical events (concerts, dj sets etc etc)

    And I noticed that while recoding video on my priv the audio becomes distorted, vid records perfectly but say when the bass or any bass lines come across the audio it records in a distort manner, compared to say iOS or Samsungs modded Android OS the privs Android just doesn't compare, I tried doing the test with the troubleshooting app to see if there was anything wrong and everything seems to be in shape, I'm wondering if the camera needs an update or some sort of modification Idk, has this happened to any of you,? Are any of you experiencing this? This also happens when I send out snaps from snapchat as well oh and Instagram vids too!! Below I'll leave links to video recorded with my priv and iOS/Samsung Galaxy Android OS to compare

    Android - Blackberry Priv

    iOS - iPhone 6

    Android - Samsung Galaxy S6

    02-01-17 01:02 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Don't really think there's anything you can do on your part to fix it.
    02-01-17 01:25 PM
  3. stratus10601's Avatar

    Do you think the mercury will address those issues? Im not looking for a positive answer, rather a real answer.. Tag Kevin too, since he is back lol

    I'd like input from the staff .. Thank you B1aze it's been a while, also maybe a crackberry meet up in NYC soon?
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    02-03-17 09:41 AM

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