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    I am curious, I own a Blackberry Z10 through AT&T, and was considering picking up the Blackberry Playbook Tablet.

    Yet I wanted to know can I use the apps I have on my phone on the Tablet as well? Or for like games or paid apps, do I actually have to buy them a second time? OR can I not just log in using my Blackberry ID on the Playbook Tablet and that will load all the apps I have and have purchased and can install them on the tablet?

    I thought at first that the tablet had your tablet features and then would also work as a bigger screen as your phone yet a tech support rep from RIM last night told me that the Playbook will not allow me through Blackberry Bridge to use my apps on it, I can only use messaging and emails, and the browser/functions of the tablet.

    Can someone shed some more light on this for me please?

    Thank you,
    11-19-14 05:06 PM
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    If you use the same BB id, then app purchases are tied to that BB id and switching devices brings your apps with them. That said, this does not mean they will actually work or be downloadable through BB World. I am not aware of any apps on the Z10 that also run on the Playbook. Even apps with the same name (ie Blaq), require 2 separate purchases as they are two separate platforms. Maybe there is some app out there that allows you to purchase once and download on the 2 devices, but I'm not familiar with it.

    You cannot run your Z10 apps on your PB, as a "second screen". If you enable bridge, you can only do the following:
    • You can read/respond to text messages received on your phone, using the Playbook.
    • You can read/respond to BBM messages received through your phone using the Playbook. You cannot view image attachments, or use any of the more advanced features of BBM like channels, Glympse, etc. though.
    • You can use your phone's data connection through the Playbook. That actually works seamlessly and is quite nice.
    • You can "control" your playbook using the phone. This means that if the PB is attached to your TV, your Z10 can act as a remote of sorts.
    • You can "answer" calls on your Z10 through the PB, which puts your phone in speaker mode.

    Unfortunately you can no longer view emails or your calendar through the Playbook over the bridge. That only works for older BB7 devices.

    Hope this helps.
    11-19-14 05:42 PM

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