1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Issues: there seems to be spyware app(s) on this phone which I cant get rid of, in fact there is always an app (private browser that mimics other app by renaming like the hotspot icon or adding another browser, etc. you try to delete but you can't. I have spoken to BB on many, many occasions seeking help but what they provided does not work. I have been advised to wipe and reload the OS which I have done but the issues remain the same. On the occasions I re-loaded the OS,, within seconds after the reload, the phone shuts down and revert to the previous OS 10.3.3....previous, don't remember. I spoke with my Provider and they have no clue how to help. Here are some of the issues and how it started, First my BBID had been compromised where in which I changed the PW and someone changed it back, even the security questions. Once I add a banner where I add my email should my phone loss and within a hour the banner was deleted. The BBID does not even work most of the times. The phone self dials other tel #s in my contact list. I got calls from known contacts name which turns out to be unknown callers. I sent text messages and they don't reached the recipients , The phone reboots ever so often especially after the re-loading of the OS. On calls I definitely hear squatters on my line. I'm starting to use more wi-fi but my monthly data allocation is seems to last a shorter period. Last I spoke to BB Tech Support they said there is no support for this phone since 2016. I understand that and I was advised to buy a different brand. I do not like to be cowed into anything. Last reach-out. I was told that tel# is "spoofed" among other issues with the phone. Is there anyway to get this ever changing app from my phone. Another interesting issue is that most of the phone setup/config options are grayed out and I cannot changed
    06-11-18 11:26 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    If you reloaded the OS (from a few different sources), didn't restore any data and it's still doing these things without any apps being installed..... yeah I'd agree, buy a new phone - get a new SIM and maybe a new number.
    06-11-18 11:57 AM
  3. brookie229's Avatar
    Make sure you get the autoloader right HERE on CB forums from Thurask's repository. Re-load again and do NOT restore any data. If you still have problems then get another device.
    06-11-18 02:02 PM

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