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    I bought off BlackBerry Shop website Canadian side the BlackBerry Passport 2 weeks ago (Wed Nov 26 in the evening). I got an email last week (Tue Dec 2nd) that they got my order but they are backed up and they will work hard to send the phone. Since then... no word!

    Does anybody else have the same problem? I am kinda disappointed that it takes this long... how long is it acceptable to wait to have it shipped?

    Any examples and experiences of buying off BlackBerry shop website (Canada or USA) would be appreciated.

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    12-08-14 07:22 PM
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    Do a search in these forums, mostly terrible reviews

    Blackberry Passport running
    12-08-14 07:29 PM
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    Damn... I so regret that I didn't buy it off Amazon. those people know how to deliver stuff!
    12-08-14 07:33 PM
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    I'm in the US, but pre-ordered my Red Blackberry Passport on the 25th of November and still don't have an email confirming shipment. I've contacted ShopBB/DR TWICE and have gotten the same response each time. They don't know when devices are going to ship apparently, which is sad because the website stated devices would begin shipping out on Dec 7th. I understand that's a Sunday but one full day later and all they've told me is that the device will ship "soon." I'm starting to get frustrated with these robotic answers, and I don't understand how the people handling the product have no idea how long it will be before they ship.

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    12-08-14 10:24 PM

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