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    Please I need some help with my silver passport. It all started with a not responding display and I ended up with an unusable Blackberry. Since I have last updated my phone through BB Link it became unresponding. I have tried everything - I have loaded an older autoloader version and no I can not event seclet the language - the phone is no longer responding to nothing. I have tried updating the software again with the link but the phone will not connect with the PC. I have than loaded an even older autoloader OS but the phone will not boot. I am desperate because I really love BB and even though I am disapointed they have switched to Android and they gave up on us - old faithful BB customers - I need to mentioned that I have bought all 4 models of the passport - black, white, red and silver- and I still use the red. I had and have problems before - for example the camera on the red never focused, so I am unable to use the camera, this never bothered me before- I am not using a BB for the camera. I really need this sorted otherwise i see no reason of staying with BB - like most I will switch to other companies that know how to keep their loyal customers - paying full retail price for their flag ship products. Thank you.
    11-02-16 02:55 PM

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