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    Not getting a signal one my passport. every time I try and make a call, I have to reset my phone cause I don't have a signal. When phone is on 4GLTE and I try and make a call, it drops of 4GLTE, I get a red x and this message. I have a Z10 that works just fine. Any great words of wisdom?
    Blackberry passport help-img_20150818_101317.png

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    08-18-15 09:20 AM
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    Try to put off then put on the airplane mode. If it doesn't work, try to select your career manually from the settings.
    If it doesn't work, try to change your simcard
    If it doesn't work, try to backup and restore your device.
    And if it still doesn't work, change your phone..

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    08-18-15 09:34 AM
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    Passport doesn't support VOLTE so with that in mind it's correct to drop LTE.
    But it's supposed to drop to 4G first and then if 4G isn't available or can't be picked up then to 3G, then 2G and down ward until it picks up a signal.

    Your problem is connection related to the network. It could be your Passport or it could be the network.
    You'll have to eliminate the cause one by one.
    I'd start with your Passport first by doing a OS reload. If that doesn't fix it than I'd go to your provider.
    Make sure your APN is correct and maybe a new SIM card.

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    08-18-15 10:09 PM

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