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    I have tried re-booting, plugging into my computer, waiting until the battery died and re-starting, searching the Internet--> all to no avail. I removed the SD card as well. I have limited response when I use Blackberry Blend on my computer, as it stalls saying "a network error occurred...unable to contact server" when I get the message "Finalizing device setup" after re-boot on my BB Passport. I looked at the MEGA site and downloaded the OS, but I'm reluctant to take it further as I cannot get BB Blend to recognize the port my Blackberry Passport is plugged into, so I really don't see this as an option.

    I use Rogers Communication (Ontario, Canada). I have come to terms with the potential loss of data, but I would still like to get past this hurdle. I would appreciate any help/knowledge anyone can provide at this time.
    05-12-18 11:12 AM

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