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    Hey I have a BlackBerry Passport and I have experienced once a day some odd buggyness. I work everyday and I drive truck. When my truck is running and I'm just relaxing and playing on my phone I sometimes get some wacky activity on the screen. Stuff I don't want to do happens kind of like someone else was controlling my cursor or actions. I hve decided it must be due to the truck vibrating so much that after some time on the keys and screen the device gets confused about the number of taps or touches. Whatever it is I haven't had the issue start outside of a car only in a running vehicle. It can only be fixed by doing a restart of the device but I am concerned. Has anyone else found a similar problem?

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    01-24-15 12:00 AM
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    I actually have that sometimes as well. Try to swipe your screen with a cloth, especially the corners. I'd think vibrations of the truck with the running engines are also an explanation. Do you also have the issue when everything around you is still?

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    01-24-15 03:51 AM
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    Yes but it persist from when the truck was running. It has not yet started while everything was still. Not yet anyway. I couldn't even set the number in the picture to unlock the phone. I had to restart the phone and I was good. Still trying to find the cause.
    01-24-15 11:49 AM
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    My hypothesis is that the cause is the buildup of static electric charge.

    When the truck is vibrating your clothes are rubbing against the chair, and that produces a static charge. The keyboard being capacitive it's easy to be influenced by the charge.

    Try to connect your wrist to some metal object in the cabin (better be the cage of the cabin itself), using a metal wire, and see if this will persist.

    Or, a more simple alternative (to check if this is the real cause): touch both of your hands to a metal pole after you descend from the truck, while holding the Passport, and see if the problem persist.
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    01-24-15 11:58 AM
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    Ok I will check that next time that happens. Another possibility I just thought of could be the car charger I used those times. Can't remember if I used it all of the three times it happened. Will update when and if I find the cause for sure.
    01-24-15 12:26 PM
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    Ok I will check that next time that happens. Another possibility I just those of could be the car charger I used those times. Can't remember if I used it all of the three times it happened. Will update when and if I find the cause for sure.
    I'm myself curios if this is the cause, I'm waiting for your feedback.
    01-24-15 12:28 PM
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    Have a question to all who have had this problem. Do any of you have power tools installed? And if so have you changes any system settings through it like event notifications? I have disabled my changes and have not yet had a recurrence but am not done my evaluation.

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    01-28-15 11:39 PM
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    Ok well am puzzled as to what is causing the issue with the screen sensitivity buggyness. Not the charger. I have a pretty strong feeling that it has to do with the vibrations from the truck. I haven't had the issue for a while and I was forced to use the Google maps while driving. Once I arrived at my destination I tried to do the screen unlock and if forced me to password after I had too many incorrect attempts. I rebooted first!! At least it does not persist after a reboot.

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    Well if you find the screen gets jittery and acts buggy by jumping around then just press the power button and then wake the screen up again and it should be good again.

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    02-28-15 07:08 PM
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    I did notice that when my Passport gets buggy on the lockscreen, the numbers that you move on the screen are spaced further apart. Just something I thought I would mention in case someone was interested.

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    04-27-15 09:43 PM

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