1. rYugen's Avatar

    I have been a Blackberry supporter for some time now (started with Bold 9800) and loved the devices and "businessy-feel" around them...

    But now I'm quite salty.

    I'm on a contract for 1 year and 3 months and am now on my third BB Passport.

    The first two Passports had overheating/SIM slot issues.

    This third one has a camera defect (vibrating / clicking camera during focus...blurry images etc.)

    I really wanted this "last" device to be the one because I love how they feel how quick they navigate through menus/messages etc. but I can't and don't want to have a device anymore which I cannot fully rely on. Sometimes I have to take snapshots of important moments, crashes, work...etc. I can't have it dying on me then.


    Shall I get a BB Priv or Lumia 950? The rest of the Android world kinda feels dodgy and iPhones fall out of the question for obvious reasons

    My brother in law has a Priv and i played around with it today...also doesnt feel as premium as the Passport even though its high price point. Squeaky plastics and such... but I guess I could make due with that if everything else is good.

    What i really cherished about the Passport is the 24-48 hours of battery life I easily got out of it (after conditioning of the battery of course)


    All in all - I'd really like to know what device others would choose and for what reasons if they were in my place.

    Thanks for the help!
    06-08-16 12:38 PM
  2. IndianTiwari's Avatar
    I have two Passports . The devices are technically very good . Didn't face any issues wrt camera so far . I also have the Priv . I have my reservations for the Priv . The camera on the Priv is good , the google apps store is very rich , but when it comes to the HUB the Passport beats the Priv by a distance . There is no overheating on the Priv since the MM update and battery life is cool.
    My Passport SE and the Priv are my daily drivers and having luxury of multi sim cards ( 2 sim cards same number ) from the carrier in UAE. For emails Passport is the best IMHO and for all others its the Priv.
    06-08-16 01:03 PM
  3. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    4th time's the charm.....
    06-08-16 02:44 PM
  4. brookie229's Avatar
    OP, you are one unlucky dude.
    06-08-16 02:51 PM
  5. Tamashek's Avatar
    I have Lumia 950XL dual sim. I am happy with it. The battery life is excellent and quick charge. Yes, you can remove the battery. I am still learning the rope but so far, I haven't found any issue with mine. I am trying to master windows 10 as I am new to it. I am coming from Windows 7 so you understand :-) I am not moving to android. Not my type!!

    Posted via CB10
    06-08-16 02:58 PM
  6. rYugen's Avatar
    Thanks for the answers so far!

    Yes I know I'm unlucky haha they asked if I wanted a fourth device but I think I'll give up on the passport. If quality control (and therefore the end user) is not important to blackberry why should BB be important to me... plus so far there's no word on a new OS10 devices giving me little hope if any at all for blackberry going back to OS10...

    I guess I'll have to try a device without a physical keyboard again even though I'll probably cry myself to sleep the first couple of nights...
    06-09-16 11:59 AM

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