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    After applying an adhesive - backed tempered glass screen protector to my K1 (100-3, apparently First generation model. Purchased from Best Buy Before they started fixing the screen adhesive) the screen lifted up and off onto the adhesive screen and now the screen is not responding to touch , a tap or swipe. Since BlackBerry Mobile is apparently replacing the defective first generation m faulty adhesive screens. And Best Buy probably doesn't know anything about this, should I contact BlackBerry Mobile / TCL directly or go through Best Buy. I can't return it now so Ce past Best Buys short retjrn window and I have managed a small. Scratch on the screen that Best Buy already wouldn't help with using the over $100 Geek Squad added warranty/service policy or whatever it is called, so wondering if I should just instead Contact BlackBerry Mobile to replace the non adhering screen issue, which I think is why it is now not responding to touch. Does anyone have the BlackBerry Mobile contact info for what Dept is handling the non- adhering screen issue replacements?? Need Advice pls. This phone was a huge stretch for me to purchase and now it's not working g due to a known faulty screen adhesive issue. All advice welcome
    08-19-17 05:31 PM
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    Contact BB Mobile. Their info is in the link below.

    08-19-17 10:08 PM
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    Update: I couldn't wait for any kind of warranty Replacement from BlackBerry Mobile, so took my unlocked K1 with detached screen back to Best Buy where I bought it and then had no more Key1 units for sale at all at any BlackBerry so I had to get a new replacement from their stock if I wanted i a replacement for my return immediately so I had to go with a new S8. I still have my PRIV so not abandoning BlackBerry tho. Loyal to BlackBerry since the days of the cheeseburger style BlackBerry back in the day, so I cannot leave completely, now a dual brand user...
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    08-27-17 02:06 PM

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