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    I'm looking for a bit of clarification on BlackBerry mobile data. I'm on O2 UK (SIM only) and I remember on my old Curve that if I didn't top up every month I wouldn't get access to BBM, email etc even using WiFi and needed the BlackBerry bolt on.

    From what I understand on BlackBerry 10, I no longer need the BlackBerry bolt on and data works just like normal mobile data on other phones. I've tried asking in shop about it, but the staff aren't interested if I'm not going to spend more money for a new tariff or get an iPhone.

    My contract is nearly up and I'm looking to change from O2 to BT but keep my BlackBerry, as they can give me double what I'm getting for half the price and 4G, which I did get for a while on O2, but doesn't work anymore.

    Would I still be able to get BBM etc if I moved to BT through the mobile data or would I need a BlackBerry bolt on type thing like I've had on O2 in the past?

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    04-10-15 09:16 AM
  2. charls seal1's Avatar
    I'm not sure what blackberry bolt is. With the old BlackBerry os. U needed to have BIS in order for email and bbm to work. Wifi without a bis didn't work. With blackberry 10 they changed that. And you don't need special BIS to use functions like email, bbm browser... even using the device with wifi only it will work. (I believe I'm correct)

    Ps. What phone are you using?

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    05-07-15 03:11 PM
  3. charls seal1's Avatar
    Also what phone are you using?

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    05-07-15 03:12 PM
  4. ctclothbagco's Avatar
    Thanks for the info, had a Z10 but recently moved to a Passport

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    05-07-15 03:43 PM

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