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    My BlackBerry Classic died about two weeks ago – fortunately I was able to do a full backup using BlackBerry Link to my Mac OS before handing it over.

    The repair service replaced the phone with a brand new BlackBerry Classic. I just plugged it into my Mac and tried to restore my contacts and messages using BlackBerry Link but Link won’t let me do that. It finds my previous backup automatically but it gives me an „Incompatible Device Software“ error, saying „This backup file is not compatible with the version of the device software that you’re currently running.“

    I can’t wrap my head around this. My „old“ BlackBerry Classic was running the latest BlackBerry OS. This new one is also running the newest software it can find. Please could anyone tell me how can I work around this? I don’t have my contacts synced in my Gmail account so I can’t restore from there. And even then I would be losing thousands of SMS messages that I would dearly miss. Unless BlackBerry somehow magically replaced their OS during the last two weeks my phone was being repaired – is there an explanation for this please? Or can anyone think of a way to manually extract at least SMS messages and contacts from my .bbb backup file on my Mac?

    Software Release:
    OS Version:
    BlackBerry Link is Version 1.2.2 (build 32)
    MAC OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.6

    Thank you kindly in advance!
    05-05-17 12:14 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Did you do a "restore" or a "device switch"? I'd try both, the "device switch" is the one that you should use.

    But many have had issues with LINK doing a backup, but not being able to restore the same file. That LINK see the new phone is good.... After exhausting everything your can. I'd try updating the OS on the phone with an Autoloader something newer than but NOT 10.3.3 (unless you know your old phone was on that).

    The .bbb file is useless.... you may find some sites that claim to be able to extract it, just haven't seen any users here to vouch for any of them (maybe older version).

    05-05-17 01:39 PM
  3. thomasrcz's Avatar
    Thank you for the answer! I can’t do a „device switch“ – the repair service took my old phone away and gave me the new one instead. I don’t have a second device I could transfer from. And up until now I didn’t know that there was a newer OS than 10.3.2, when asking my BlackBerry phone or my BlackBerry Link if my OS is up to date, it says that the 10.3.2 is the newest available.

    So I’m guessing my old phone had a different version of the OS and I need to figure out which one it was. Is there any way I can figure it out from the BBB file or the BlackBerry Link? There is still an entry for my old phone in my BlackBerry Link, but it won’t show what OS it was using. Perhaps it could be written in some system BlackBerry Link file – something in Application Support on my Mac? Any idea please, anyone? I’ve got like 2000 phone numbers and emails stored there, this would be a complete disaster :-) thank you!
    05-06-17 05:18 AM
  4. thomasrcz's Avatar
    FYI an app called Wondershare MobileTrans reads the BB 10-made .bbb file perfectly and writes out the proper number of contacts, text messages and call logs it stores. Unfortunately I can’t get to them or restore from there – the app reads BlackBerry backups but it can only transfer them to non-BlackBerry phones :-)
    05-06-17 06:00 AM
  5. thomasrcz's Avatar
    Hi! And solved!

    For anyone who might encounter a similar problem:

    1) first you need to figure out which OS your phone was using when you made your last back-up. Make a copy of the .bbb file that BlackBerry Link won’t load, rename it to .zip and open it with an application called 7-zip (neither WinRar nor Winzip would work for me; and yes, since I'm a Mac User, I had to install a virtual machine with Windows XP inside my computer to get this to work; no Mac application would read the .zip file properly).

    2) there is a file called Manifest.xml inside your renamed bbb backup file; if you open it with a text editor, there will be a string inside that says something like

    <Platform type="QNX" version=""/>

    This is the version of the OS that the backup was made with and that you need to put on your new phone

    3) use BlackBerry Link or Settings-About in your phone to find out which OS you were using (in my case, my brand new phone from the repair service came with a

    4) download Sachesi in CrackBerry forums, download the exact version of the OS you were using on your old phone, flash your new phone with it and there it is, all contacts, all text messages, all emails and media recovered.

    The man who made Sachesi is a genius. But really thank you CrackBerry as a whole – I found so many useful hints and posts in this entire forums I’m practically moved to tears. You're a wonderful community. Thank you!
    05-06-17 04:14 PM

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