1. JamesA001's Avatar
    Greetings. Okay, I gotta ask a question that probably already here but...i tried those ideas and it didnt work.

    I have a Blackberry Q5 which uses OS Blackberry 10

    I got a new Dell laptop that uses Windows 10 Home ( Ver 1803; OS Build 17134.48)

    I had been using blackberry link on previous laptop (Windows Vista and XP.)
    .....and everything worked fine. Blackberry link was able to access the phone and I was able to sync files and all that.

    Now...with the Windows 10....Link is unable to access the files/folders on the phone.
    YES...it does show the phone is connected.
    YES...the computer is able access the phones SD chip (Aka: Clicking the phone prompt that says " Enable access to SD card)
    YES...I am signed on to my Blackberry link account.

    But Blackberry Link itself...can not. In fact, that multicolored files bar in Link below the phones picture)...does not display. You click on the Music tab or the Pictures tab from the menu...there's nothing there.

    Link does say theres an error. - Down in the bottom left hand corner of Link it says there is a Connection Error. Clicking Show Recent Activity says
    " There was a problem connecting with the drive on this devise. Disconnect and Reconnect your devise and try again."

    I did this a 100 times and it does not work.

    I have tried various things to troubleshoot this problem (including switching Link to Windows 7 - Compatibility mode).....none have worked.

    So, can someone please help me get back up and running again?

    Thanks Much

    06-05-18 08:03 PM
  2. rthonpm's Avatar
    Link went end of life before Windows 10 was released. There are other means of backing up data and mail and calendar syncing should be done using a modern email format that does automatically.

    Posted via CB10
    06-05-18 10:07 PM
  3. JamesA001's Avatar
    So its true then? Link wont work on Windows 10 and those "fixes" mentioned here wont work?
    06-08-18 01:00 AM
  4. Ragbert's Avatar
    Try a search for Windows 10 and Link in the forums. There are some people who have gotten Link working with Windows 10, and it may depend on how they have windows configured.

    Also, you may want to scrap Link altogether. Try Ultimate Backup in BBW (I believe it's offered for free now.) It will let you back up and restore almost anything on your BB10 phone without requiring Windows at all.

    Typed on my Q10, SQN100-2,
    06-09-18 04:59 PM

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