1. bl-passport's Avatar
    How can I access my pictures/videos saved on my phone?
    I tried Wi-fi, but I really see that my PC does not recognise any device with Wi-fi.
    What do I do wrongly?
    06-06-18 10:08 AM
  2. brookie229's Avatar
    BlackBerry Link is now and always has been a mess on Windows. If you do a search here on CB Forums you will quickly see that there is no surefire answer to your problem. I personally have absolutely no problem with it while others (and there are plenty) just cannot get it to work. Remove your Link, search your PC for all things BlackBerry and RIM and delete then reboot and load up the latest version again and try again. Use the correct BlackBerry branded USB cable, try different USB ports on your PC. Sometimes it may help to install Link and Blend (and usb drivers) through your device and not from a PC web download. After removing ALL previous instances of BlackBerry software (I recommend a PC program called Revo Uninstaller), reboot your PC then plug your device using a BB cable into the PC and follow the directions on your device to install drivers, Link and Blend. Good Luck!
    06-06-18 10:41 AM

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