1. Milo166's Avatar
    Hi folks !
    I have been owning BlackBerry phones for ages, i had the bold, the classic.. And I own a priv since 2017 and now it seems to be tired. I changed the battery once and since its getting very slow at the point it gets me angry ! Volume up button is down so i would like to replace this cellphone that was very useful throughout the time.

    I cant stand virtual keyboards so im on the key2 from tcl. But im lost in my choices and the offers you can get on internet.
    I really need the dual sim feature because im going to move to canada for living and i'll need two sims function anyway. Oh last thing i'm french so it will be a azerty keyboard of course ! 😂

    Any one can help me on this issue ?

    i still have a classic but when i turn off the plane mode it consumes a lot of battery it dies within the hour. But in plane mode it can last two weeks i use it as an mp3 player in my car now . The phone is almost new because i have sent it for repair for that issue they changed the screen, covers and all but they didnt repaired the issue under warranty ! And the warranty was passed then..

    Sorry for my bad english !

    thank you again !
    01-31-23 11:35 PM
  2. Chuck Finley69's Avatar
    Unfortunately, you buy whatever you can afford. It's a 5 year old phone stuck on 6 year old Android OS and that's a problem for some many reasons.

    Better to buy whatever Pixel or Galaxy NEW that fits your budget and buy a Key2 as hobby phone.
    02-01-23 06:55 AM
  3. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Old outdated BlackBerry's...
    Or Chinese's made and controlled Unihertz low end PKB phones...

    That's really it. If security matters too you, really it's time to move on to a Virtual Keyboard.... Maybe at some future point there is a better option????
    02-01-23 07:05 AM

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