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    so I just upgraded from Key One (which I loved) to the Key 2 LE (which so far is ok) I am having multiple issues and want to know if anyone is experiencing the same thing and or has found a solution. Please help!

    1. every time I restart phone, it says no sim - insert sim card. after a second the 4g and full bars pop up. not really an issue- but maybe a little worrisome. I called Verizon for support on this - they could not find reason/issue.

    2. contact images are blurry! All my phone contact pictures are pixelated and blurry. I removed all pictured from cloud, from gmail contacts, and from phone. I then re-added the pictures - they appear not blurry at first, but after a minute or so, they will blur back out. SO FRUSTRATING!

    3. Bluetooth in car - sounds so quiet! no matter how high the volume it is almost impossible to hear person on phone when Bluetooth is on. They sound very far away.

    4. call blocking - on the key one I used to click on "call details" below a number in the call log and it gave me the option to block caller. this was a life saver as I seem to get 9 million spam calls a day. now I cant seem to find it....

    I love blackberry...but sometimes they make it tough. Cant we all just work like were supposed to!?

    03-19-19 02:09 PM
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    Maybe try clearing the cache for the Contacts app and then hold the power button down for 32 seconds to do a hard reset, see if that solves any of those issues

    As for call blocking, I use the Google Dialer instead of the one that came with the phone and all I have to do is click on a number in my recent call list and hit the "block/report as spam"
    03-20-19 09:43 AM

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