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    I have a Blackberry Classic. I wanted to back it up. I downloaded Link, Blend and Desktop to do so. I found out I had to create a Blackberry ID to use Link's backup feature. I did - I didn't want to but it seemed there was no other way. (On the older Blackberries I had I never had to do this.) Then when I went to backup it seemed I could actually do backups without Link. So I deleted the Blackberry ID per doc I saw and got notification that it had been deleted. Then I found out actually I couldn't backup without Link. It seems I still have the Blackberry ID in the phone but now I can't add a password/can't use it. How do I go about creating a new ID/reinstating the ID I had? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

    (Sorry if this is a repeat - I wasn't sure if my earlier attempt at this went through.)
    08-03-17 08:16 PM
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    Link would use the same email address that was with your BB ID. So when you get things corrected with a BB ID, be sure to use the same email address to set up Link.
    Try this....


    Link and Blend were incorporated into life for BB10, Desktop Software was for the Older Blackberry OS's
    08-04-17 12:02 AM

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