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    So this happened a while back and hasn't been fixed yet but I basically cannot log into my Blackberry ID (to do things like download apps) with my Z10. I can use this ID to log into the Blackberry site and Blackberry Link but it won't work when I try to do it on my phone.

    I did a security wipe (for other reasons) and when it came time to set up, I cannot log in. I don't understand, this was the email I used to set up the phone and I still have the original emails from Blackberry

    EDIT: I see to have found 2 emails from Blackberry showing that I created a Blackberry ID twice. Meaning I must have deleted it once before setting it up again with same email. What do I do?
    09-27-16 09:49 PM
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    Make sure you are not confusing your BlackBerry ID with your Device Password or using your BackBerry ID for your device password.

    You BlackBerry ID consists of a username (email address) and a password. You device password can be as simple as "1234".
    09-27-16 10:21 PM
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    No way around it...You'll need to verify your BBid and try and recall the original Id you had deleted. If you wipe your device with BBPROTECT enabled it will continue to prompt you to login with the original information entered on first setup.
    If you can't recall that info you can get assistance from BB SUPPORT but they will need proof of purchase, proof of identification and I believe proof of original carrier activation.
    Good luck.

    Posted via CB10
    09-27-16 10:40 PM

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