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    Blackberry ID creation and confirmation has been my major problem on my present and previous phones. Switching from a Bold 9650 to a Q10 has resulted in the deletion of bbm from my bold 3 and also created fears in my mind concerning my Q10. I can't upgrade to the latest software on my Q10 for fear that if asked for my BlackBerry ID, I wouldn't know what to write as my username and password cos I'm totally confused. I'm an aged woman of 55 and knows little or nothing about these technicalities but I just love facebooking. Whatsapping and bbmessaging and taking pics and also listening to radio on my phones. I don't know anything else. I'm sure nobody can help me here cos I don't even know how to explain the problems. What I hate most about blackberries is this Blackerry ID stuff. This is my third blackberry. Pearl 9105, Bold 9650 and now this Q10.

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    02-08-16 04:29 AM
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    Although it may look complex, you should open your browser and type "BlackBerry id". It will appear a page with your data to fill in. If you can't remember your password, there is at the bottom of the page a blue piece of writing: 'forgot your password '. You should click on it and follow the directions. You will get your new password via sms on your phone. As soon as you get it, write down on a piece of paper and store it accordingly, so as not to forget it. When it will be required to open your BlackBerry id account, you will have no problem. The same things are to be done for your username. In case you never registered, you should do it on BlackBerry id page. I hope to have provided the necessary directions. Also consider to find on YouTube some tutorials about it, I remember I had to find one to learn how to use my Z30 touchscreen

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    02-08-16 04:51 AM
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    Thank you dear, when I opened my BlackBerry ID page,which has been asking me to confirm my BlackBerry ID for some time now, I noticed I typed my email but ended it with yahoom.com instead of yahoo.com and so I decided to edit it n while doing so, I clicked Forgot Password and it replied me that my new password has been sent to my email but I couldn't see any notification since there is nothing like yahoom.com. All these happened before I posted a complaint here. If I now want to follow ur tips, from which email will I get the new password? That's where I'm confused. Thanks anyways son.

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    02-08-16 05:05 AM
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    02-08-16 05:07 AM
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    After following your guidelines via my browser. I was asked to fill in some letters in a box,i did and submitted but I saw it written in red that I should enter a valid username or email. I know why, it's cos when I was filling in the BlackBerry ID page on my phone some weeks ago, I just discovered today that I added an `m` to my yahoo as in e.

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    02-08-16 05:17 AM
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    Do you mean you typed a Yahoo mail account wrongly?

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    02-08-16 05:32 AM
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    02-08-16 05:53 AM
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    In this case try to re-sign in on BlackBerry id with the correct account. I only fear the system might get confused, but you should attempt to solve your problem. Otherwise, try to sign in with a different e-mail account

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    02-08-16 06:02 AM
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    THANKS, will continue trying.

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    02-08-16 06:25 AM

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