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    Why BlackBerry hub is not working, I can't get emails, text messages, calls . I just stuck with yhi phone ..please help
    07-26-17 03:10 AM
  2. Iffuw's Avatar
    same issue here. Had an update of the android software from blackberry today and the hub doesn't do anything. Especially doesn't sync mails, even if forced.
    So I unisnstalled the hub and the hub services+, deleted their cache, restarted the device and reinstalled the two apps.
    I tried to set up my two mail accounts after that, and for each account (after typing in password and so an) it says, that it has no connection to the server when checking the settings.
    The internet connection, however, works fine and I can also recieve the mails using the designated apps (gmail...).
    What the heck is wrong with the hub, it worked fine yesterday. Did blackberry screw up the update?

    PS: I forgot to mention, I have a DTEK50 and I'm from germany (if that matters anyhow).


    UPDATE: The hub abruptly started working again yesterday in the evening and stopped to do so a few minutes ago. I'm quite helpless here :-(
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    07-26-17 03:50 AM

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