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    hi, i would like to ask if there would be anyone who could help me with this mystery.

    For two weeks i have been trying to fix it up. I read every forum i could find, trust me.

    My BB Dtek60 had some issues so they send me a new device. And from this time i am unable to use BB Hub with my Hotmail account. It seems the outgoing server doesn't work. When i add it i only get the message Account syncing, please wait while info for my email syncs to your device. You might experience a delay receiving new messages while you account is syncing.

    That will last for hours and hours.

    So far i tried to clean cache, delete the account, reinstall hub, tried it without an update and with the update, changed syncing, created a new account automatically and also manually. i tried these several times, nothing seems working.

    I can receive emails, but i can't reply to them, i cannot send a new one either, i am unable to delete emails and i am unable to read emails which should be synced. I can only read emails which i received after adding account but not the emails before. They are only blank.

    I tried to contact Blackberry support also without success. I contacted Microsoft and there is no issue with my email address. I contacted my phone service provider also no issues. Everyone is telling me there is some issue with the Hub, but i cannot find it. it is just taking so much of my time without any change as i am getting the same results over and over again.

    Any help would be appreciated
    Thank you
    04-21-19 04:49 AM

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