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    Are there any Android phones that also have a Hub like feature ? ie. Is there a HUB where you can put different email accounts, WhatsApp, BBM, text messages, Linkedin, etc ? Or do you have to go to the seperate pages for messages ?
    01-23-17 03:38 PM
  2. iThunderbirt's Avatar
    Hello welcome to the CrackBerry forums!

    BlackBerry has made BlackBerry Hub available for all Android. I believe you need at least Marshmallow and above (possible you can use it with a later version of Android but not 100% sure. Been a while )

    BlackBerry Hub for Android will permit you to setup multiple email accounts, BBM, WhatsApp, Text Messages etc. If you set it up for the first time on your Andorid device, BlackBerry Hub is free for a month (unless that has changed) where you do not get any adds. After that, you can still use BlackBerry Hub but you will get adds. The advantage of paying per month (if you choose to do so) no adds and you can also benefit to other BlackBerry apps such as Password Keeper, Notes, etc (all of them add free).

    Try it out when you can. You will see it behaves differently then on BlackBerry 10. Not by much, but some difference. CrackBerry has created a section on their website that contains a lot of info on BlackBerry Hub for Android that is worth a look.
    01-23-17 10:09 PM

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