1. cityten's Avatar
    I'm using a Galaxy S6 with Android 6.
    My old phone was a Z10 and I very much got used to using BB Hub, so downloaded it to my new Android phone a few days ago.
    A couple of things with that.
    I would like it if when I mark a message 'read' in the hub it would automatically mark it as 'read' in the source app as well (email, text, etc.).
    Also, when I get a notification in the hub I also get a notification in the source app. I don't need both.
    A side issue - I'm running Light Flow Legacy - which provides customized LED, Wake Screen. and Vibration notifications. I am not getting notifications for the Hub even though I set it up.
    Any questions, comments, or advice?
    09-01-16 11:47 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    I would like it if when I mark a message 'read' in the hub it would automatically mark it as 'read' in the source app as well (email, text, etc.).
    Why are you still using another email app anyway? You're not really supposed to use Hub in conjunction with another email app. You're supposed to stop using or otherwise disable that one so as to NOT get notifications from it and Hub. I don't have a Samsung device to know what it's set up as for SMS but there are several SMS apps, aside from Messenger, that tap into Hub as well and whatever Samsung is using doesn't sound to do that effectively again leading to duplicate notifications.
    09-01-16 02:37 PM
  3. cityten's Avatar
    Okay, fair enough. After I get my notifications sorted I'll uninstall the source apps and try only using the Hub.
    09-03-16 03:03 PM
  4. cityten's Avatar
    So do I have to actually uninstall the other redundant apps? I tried just turning off the notifications in the unwanted apps, but I'm still getting the messages delivered and the little numeric icon showing number of new messages, which I don't want. Or is there a less drastic way to 'otherwise disable' besides uninstalling?
    09-03-16 04:19 PM
  5. chujcidotego's Avatar
    no different from situation on priv, exactly the same. quickly cooked piece of software. wonder why its credit same name THE HUB, its got nothing in common with REAL one.
    09-03-16 04:49 PM

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