01-12-15 03:59 PM
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    Conite can u help me with something plz? No one at the forms are able to do so. I have a 10.3 leak and when I reloaded my software to official 10.2.1 I wasn't able to restore all my data. I found out that it's not possible so I had no other choice to install the crappy old leak again :/ I can't wait for the official one. So plz there must be a way to do it. 10.3 backups don't work on 10.2. Plz don't say anything like sachesi and all I don't even know what that is :/ plz explain to me step by step.

    Posted via CB10 is the best OS to date. Better than any build of 10.2.1 as far as I'm concerned. Your problem may be that your backup is not playing nice with the new OS, and you may have to consider starting over with a clean install of 10.3.1. If you do this (which I highly recommend) , you can backup as much as you can (contacts, text messages, email, media) with a 3rd party backup app like Ultimate Backup, then run the autoloader again.

    If you have a STL100-1, you will only be able to use But this is still better than any version of 10.2.1.

    The official OS will not work any better for you. If your backup has issues, you will have to start from scratch anyway, so you might as well do it now.

    01-12-15 03:59 PM
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