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    i`m actually using a z10 stl100-1 with Personal Argentina, my carrier recently offers me downgrade de carrier plan, so i can save some money ( or so they say ).
    Now i realice that they will start to charge me for the blackberry data plan ( blackberry profesionales, thats all the info they gave me ) plus a carrier plan that give unlimited data plan access ( 3GB at full speed and then they restrict the speed for the exceeded data )
    I have my Z10 updated at lastest version...
    when i called them they say that i need the blackberry dataplan in order to internet to work...
    i had been dragging that Blackberry data plan from 5 or 6 years from my previus BB 8520.
    technically speaking... Can i use my z10 normally if cancel the BB data plan.. usgin internet through the carrier data plan?
    Sorry for my english
    11-02-16 03:21 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Technically, a BB data plan is no longer needed but it comes down to what your carrier allows. If they say you need a BB data plan, you might actually need one. But BlackBerry built BlackBerry 10 without the need for a specific BlackBerry data plan.
    11-02-16 03:25 PM
  3. to boldly go's Avatar
    BB10 absolutely does not need, and cannot use, BIS. AND: You should NOT get charged extra for a 'BlackBerry Plan,' if they insist you need one. ATnT pulls that on me, but they don't call it BIS; they don't charge extra for it nor do they charge extra for BIS when I had a BB7. They do tell me they 'have to' put all BlackBerry phones on a 'BlackBerry plan,' even if it's not 'BIS.'

    (rant and rave:) They also block my settings so that I cannot block LTE on an LTE capable phone, using more data and battery and LTE is just cr@ppy around here, BUT, they DON'T block those settings on a Samsung phone. /end of rant and rave.

    Anyway, atnt is a brat.
    11-03-16 01:35 AM

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