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    So after a year my z10 decided to stop working. It's been working on and off for the past couple days, each time it stops working its LED blinks once, pause, then three times rapidly. It's an unlocked phone I didn't buy through any contract, so I can't contact Telus or anyone to replace it.
    All of the Customer Service numbers for blackberry I keep finding are for enterprise related things, so if anyone has a way to contact Blackberry directly please let me know.

    P.S I've tried the 4hr15min charge thing, and reloading my os(although my phone just bricks everytime I do this when BB Link/an autoloader resets it). So I think that replacing it might be my only option.
    11-17-14 10:21 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    So after a year my z10 decided to stop working.
    If its really been a year then your warranty is likely up anyway. As for calling customer care, as you found out most of the numbers you call are for Enterprise or are for paid support. The best way is to call TELUS, explain the issue and have them transfer you to BlackBerry, they can bypass the Enterprise stuff and get you someone otherwise, you can TRY calling 1-877-255-2377 and go from there or just mash buttons until a human answers lol - http://us.blackberry.com/customer-se...ontact-us.html
    11-17-14 10:29 PM

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