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    I have a Blackberry Curve 9360, I just installed whatsapp on it and when I start whatsapp it give me a message saying that Whatsapp cannot start I must check the error log. On checking the error log the first message shown is (E System -JVM:INFOp=28d65b59,a='7) and when I click on it I get the following: Name: System, Severity:Error, GUID: 97c9f5f641d25e5f). I have reset the phone to factory settings and also re-installed the Blackberry OS.
    07-18-14 05:22 AM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    I looked for your error. Try this thread here to see if it helps :Guid error - BlackBerry Support Community Forums
    07-20-14 08:27 AM

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