1. Radim B's Avatar
    Hi guys I have recently bought Classic and put on a side my loved Bold. This new BB looks bit different and I was more hoping for some big improvements but still cannot find them. Do you please have some tips, tricks or anything how to become more efficient and quick?

    Any tips will be greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks

    02-02-15 07:12 AM
  2. JamBueree's Avatar
    Well for starters, there's a Help / Tutorial app. It'd make a difference.

    Second, get used to the gestures:
    Swiping up - Leave app/Home
    Swiping down - Open quick settings (When home) / Open advanced options (When in an app)
    Swipe down with two fingers - Open quick settings when in app
    Swipe up, then right - Open BlackBerry Hub

    Now speaking of Hub, this is the most known part of BlackBerry 10 because you'll eventually be using this unconsciously. Get used to using this more than the actual apps sometimes. This is your main HQ for notifications. Everything (Most things) go here, and can be interacted to from here. Only some apps will be here, and only some apps will be interactive from here.

    If there's anything else you might wanna know feel free to ask.
    02-02-15 07:57 AM
  3. blueyestm's Avatar
    You don't have to swipe up to leave apps anymore on the classic, just push the back button. We also have the hub icon on the screen so you don't have to swipe to get to that either. Push the back button to get out of emails to go back to the list. The buttons are fully integrated in just about all of it. Back button works on android apps so you don't have to diagonal swipe anymore too.
    02-02-15 10:09 AM

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