1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    So I wanted to know if the blackberry classic is good as a business phone just want to state that I don't like the designs of the priv or passport too big in my opinion I prefer the old school blackberry layout like the classic which reminds me of the bold. However, as my main phone it has to be able to deal with messages, emails and calls so the basics but also a part of my business requires me to be able to use successfully social media albeit only twitter and Instagram at the same time. I know the blackberry classic will be fault free with the basics however I'm worried about the social media side I fear it'll be too sluggish or crash whilst using it don't require games YouTube music apps etc only the aspects described is it worth it to use the blackberry classic as my main phone or am I better off going for a android or iOS device. Thanks and please if you can be as honest as possible.
    12-03-16 02:58 PM
  2. joazz1's Avatar
    The classic is great for business, twitter works fine as well as instagram through igrann.

    I have all my emails and notifications on my hub. I used iOs and android none match bb10 to be honest.

    I you dont like the keyboard, you can download silent key...

    Only social app it doesnt support is snapchat...
    12-03-16 03:42 PM