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    Up until a couple weeks ago it worked perfectly. Now the problem is that when I search anything from a website or type in "assistant" to go to a website, when I hit enter and go there afterwards not every site is going to my history. It will go to my browsers history every single time but not to the device search. The only searches that go there now seem to be links that I have already added to my home screen. I don't use bookmarks in the browser. I'm not sure if I have too many linked to the home screen but I've never had this issue before, not even on my Q10. I have about 50 links on my home screen. This was happening before I updated to the latest 10.3.1 (1581), which was this morning. I was hoping that would possibly fix it but it didn't.

    The only things I can think of that might have caused it would be when I removed the sim card a couple times trying to the get the new Software update to come through on my unlocked phone. This would have been around the end of February.

    The other was that I turned off "Data Services" for a couple days as I was nearing my data limit for the month. I thought maybe with that off it was n't getting that data stored to retain my search history. Last night my data cycle started over so I turned "Data Services" back on hoping to see my new searches save but it's still the same, only saving to my browser history and saving links I have saved to my home screen.

    I haven't loaded any leaked versions of software, so I had the original software release that came with my phone

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank You
    03-14-15 11:24 AM

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