1. LM28's Avatar
    I've had to enter a new passcode every 90 days for my device. I had been entering a variation of the same alpha numeric code since January 2017. When I went to enter a new code in late September, I think the device rejected the code I entered selected due to lack of strength.
    At this point my memory is fuzzy at best and I could be imagining this. Who knows. I've been locked out of my phone since then. I wrote down two codes but I can't remember which one I used.
    No, I don't have more than one chance left. I was trying to access the phone while at work and the codes I entered where at home, written down on paper.
    (When I called BlackBerry I had three chances left, I was told to connect the phone to the computer using BlackBerry Blend. The rep. told me I had five chances. This turned out to be incorrect. The five chances mentioned are inclusive of the ten chances allotted not in addition to. When I tried entering the code thru the laptop, a loading symbol would appear without changing.)
    So, my question is....Would the phone ask me to enter a different code due to strength?
    I'm trying to exhaust all my options in using some type of deductive reasoning.
    PS- Is there any way to access what I entered through my laptop?
    PS- I can prove that this is my phone.
    11-28-17 03:10 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Do you know your BBID username and password?

    Is BlackBerry Protect turned one?

    Try logging onto BlackBerry Protect and and see if it will allow you to set a new password under the Lock Device option.

    As to your question... i've got a four digit code with just numbers, don't know of any reason it would have any strength requirements, unless this is an enterprise managed phone.
    11-28-17 03:39 PM
  3. LM28's Avatar
    Yes I do and I don't think BlackBerry Protect was turned on. I did have access to work emails and I think this is why I was needing to put in a new code every 90 days. Don't really remember. However they did not provide me with the phone. The I.T. guy from my company said my best bet would be to guess. Thanks for the time taken to answer and the advice.
    12-01-17 01:35 AM
  4. LM28's Avatar
    OK I just logged onto BlackBerry Protect. The anti theft feature is on. Does that mean that the BBP is on? Forgive my ignorance but most technically challenged people are way more advanced than I am. Now what? Set a new passcode? I'm terrified.
    12-01-17 01:48 AM
  5. LM28's Avatar
    Never mind, option provided (via BlackBerry Protect) is not possible after the 8th failed attempt. Looks like guessing and crossing my fingers is the only thing left to do. Dropping 2K on a chip extraction seems crazy since there is no guarantee that it will work. It's hard to reconcile the possibility of losing video and pictures of my beautiful nephews and there first steps.
    Thank you for the suggestion Dunt x3. Cheers
    12-04-17 02:37 AM

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