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    I can see that this question comes up frequently, but doesnt seem to be much resolution, so I'll try...

    I have a Blackberry Classic, Verizon, for about 18 months. When i got it, I had been on Samsung S3, and did a fairly seamless import of my contacts into the classic, using Device Switch. The contacts went into Local

    My Samsung had always been good about syncing with Outlook on my PC, as had my BB Bold previously. I have used Outlook 2007 for the time of all these devices.

    I learned quickly that the Classic was not good about syncing. Wouldn't do it at all with the local contacts, made a separate sync account, essentially duplicating the contact list.

    I have read some of the responses on here about syncing not to PC, but to activesync cloud accounts. I do that with email on Google. But my contacts are not on the cloud, nor do i want them to be.

    Some responses say that MSoft has been disabling the Outlook sync capabilities. Not so in my case, because Samsung and BBBold have always synced directly with the PST file, not reliant on the software.

    I have tried to do csv exports of my Classic Local Contacts, but they are fouled. Field mapping is whack, and it only ends up transferring a little over half of the 400+ contacts.

    Ive now got nearly 2 years of updates on my Classic, and i'm afraid they will be lost forever.

    * I get that BB link does not want to support syncing of LOCAL contacts.
    * If i link the Google or Outlook.com acct on my blackberry hub to do Contacts, it only wants to pull that service's contacts from the cloud, not to merge/sync the Local contacts.

    My biggest quandary (since the Outlook Sync issue isn't likely to be resolved) is either getting these contacts with 2 years of updates, off of the phone. or some other back-door way to get the phone to sync the locals upstream to a cloud.
    12-29-16 01:09 PM

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