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    Phone is not quite a year old. This is my second classic, first was replaced with a new one under warranty due to camera malfunction, Battery life on this (second phone) was poorer than the first one right from new. A month ago it started getting extremely hot and killing the battery very fast. Seem to have solved the heating issue. Never got hot when connected to WiFi, and was worst when the signal was H or h, best on 4G or 3G. Turning off data when away from WiFi eliminated heat, but not a viable solution.

    Disabled GSM, changed email Sync settings, eliminated one account, no more heat(so far) but battery still dies in only a few hours of very minimal usage. Replaced original battery with an aftermarket of same rating. No improvement, possibly worse, they warrantied that one and sent another, again, no improvement, seems to be even worse yet. Have to charge it multiple times per day.

    Also performed a hard reset, but unfortunately, I chose restore afterwards, so I think it kept all of my original settings. Will try again. When I check usage stats, system is consuming most of my battery and cpu. No apps installed, all other radios/location/bluetooth off.

    Could the aftermarket batteries be complete junk? Does the glue holding the battery have any function for cooling or battery life? Could there be a hardware issue causing the problem, and could that have wrecked all three batteries that fast?
    09-07-17 02:17 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    What version of BB10 is it running.

    I'd look at reinstalling it via a Autoloader... same OS or maybe a higher version if there is one. Then start fresh without restoring any data. Test for awhile before loading all your apps or accounts. And those back slowly if all works ok. If not it's a hardware issue....
    09-07-17 03:00 PM
  3. BBAlbertaFarmer's Avatar
    I am the OP, just wasn't registered yet.
    09-07-17 06:43 PM

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