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    Hello dear CB and www ! as the title says I ran into a bit of a problem today while trying to get the usb tethering from my Classic to my surface to work.
    I get disconnected after no more than a minute hspa signal from both Vodafone and Digi eu cariers. The signal is max and on the phone side everything is going well it just won't tether through usb to my pc. On the phone side it says that the usb tethering service is active and displays the data being passed through but the pc network connections shows that the BlackBerry ethernet tethering device is disabled and no matter how many times I try to manually enable it just won't work. There is clearly something going on here as I'm sure many people have been experiencing this issue.

    What to do?

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    06-04-16 07:41 AM
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    Quick update: Said problem only applies when using the surface pro 4 device connected to a Dell D3100 docking station. That being said when the BB Classic device is connected straight up to the usb port on the Surface pro 4 device then it has no problem tethering through usb cable.

    Still I find it curious that the docking station would be a problem as I have been successfully and continuously surfing the web for a whole month with no problems from a 3G data usb stick from my local Vodafone carrier. I have done so both through the Docking Station and straight up the usb port on the sp4 with no issues. Any ideas anyone ?
    06-08-16 06:55 PM

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