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    Short story, I travel between 2&6 flights per week, 4 years ago a colleague watched me juggling boarding passs and introduced me to his iPhone 'Passbook', my (then) 9900 had no similar app so I got myself a 4S, my live changed immediately and this has been the most important feature of the iPhone (which I loath!)
    I have pre ordered the new Classic, I contacted the guys at 'attidimobile' the designers to ask about the 'Passwallet' app and its generally poor reviews, the answer "The BlackBerry version of the app is no longer in development I'm afraid. I believe you should be able to download Android apps via the Amazon App Store on BlackBerrys, but we aren't planning on doing any specific testing on BlackBerry devices (we'd never re-coup the costs of buying the test hardware, never mind the time involved)"
    Surely BB can offer a decent app or am I back to paper, this really is a deal breaker and I so wanted to get the new Classic. Have I missed something?
    12-12-14 02:22 AM
  2. VJgamer's Avatar
    Do you fly with any particular airline, or do you bounce around between different ones?

    I typically just have my electronic boarding pass emailed to me and flag the email so that it shows up in the remember app. When I get to the airport I open the email and or web page and just keep it open.

    I fly JetBlue relatively often so I have downloaded their Android app which let's you get your electronic boarding pass.

    I'm often times amazed by the number of people carrying paper boarding passes at the airport.

    Posted via CB10
    12-12-14 03:46 AM
  3. VJgamer's Avatar
    Oh, and I of course use BlackBerry Travel to keep all of my flight and hotel information organized.

    If BlackBerry would start integrating boarding passes into BlackBerry Travel it would be amazing.

    Posted via CB10
    12-12-14 03:51 AM

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