1. Unregistered's Avatar
    Ive had my blackberry for years but recntly it has restrting its self and the battery drains really quickly even when its turnt off. Somtimes the battery is full then the next minute it is on 1%. I hope someone can help me ASAP
    07-14-14 08:50 AM
  2. mEntal8y's Avatar
    Most devices have an average "lifespan" of 2-3 years. It sounds as if your device is only suffering from the battery. Buy a new one. I did and it worked on my 9780 and 8520. Batteries lose their recharging capability, it is a natural process which all devices suffer from (even my laptop of 9 years which can only function when being plugged in). Hope this helps. (don't buy the fake ones)
    07-14-14 09:56 AM

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