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    Well, not sure if anyone asked this before, i would be happy if you support me with the link, i recently bought two devices, the DTEK60 and Galaxy S7 Edge.
    - DTEK60: design is ok, battery is ok, camera is ok, UI experience is great but specs lets say it requires higher specs to stand the UI
    - Galaxy s7e: design is meh, battery not sure if its because of touchwiz, camera awesome, UI experience horrible.

    my Question:
    would you think it is possible to root the S7Edge and install the Blackberry instead?
    if so, i'll be more than happy to try it out, just send me the links

    Yanal Shoumenn
    email: adigayan@gmail.com
    01-11-17 10:40 PM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    you cant install the BB ROM on any other device
    01-11-17 10:46 PM

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