1. Andrew Mc Inroy's Avatar
    Hey guys, I'm very confused, I have a priv. When I go onto playstore, for eg the tasks blackberry up, there are 2 tasks blackberry apps, one has the old icon the other has a completely new icon that is pretty much a dark black icon. They are both made by BlackBerry, my question is, why is there 2 apps, which one is better and what is the difference. The phone came out with the old icon app, but what is the new one. I found that there is two apps with notes and tasks so far, which one do I use?
    02-21-17 02:30 AM
  2. Rico4you's Avatar
    Hello it's basically straightforward if you read the description. As the new icon ones are specifically for Enterprise companies.
    02-21-17 03:57 AM

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