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    Please reply need help..help me out .... I bought a used BB bold 4 but its not register it of verizonwireless but. I am from india,,and I can make calls and msgs etc but cnt use BB internet plans unless its register so pls help me out what to do
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    09-07-15 12:38 PM
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    i have removed your imei etc details from your post, please don't post sensitive information on a public forum. Have you purchased a 9930?
    09-07-15 12:54 PM
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    if its a 9930 you'll need a BIS (legacy blackberry data) plan to get much from the 'net aside from apps that can use a wifi connection.

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    09-07-15 01:02 PM
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    Can you be a little more clearer with you post?
    I can help you out with Indian specific carrier problems.
    The 9930 In india in any case, band-wise would only be supported by Reliance at the most.
    Few of my work colleagues had got a bunch of 9930s as text only phones that worked successfully only with Reliance IN.
    As advised above, you do require a BlackBerry Internet Services plan or BIS in short to enable email and other BlackBerry services.

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    09-07-15 01:37 PM

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