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    Folks, please kindly help a technically solicited fellow !! :-)

    A few months ago, I got caught during a rain on my bicycle, and my 9790 Blackberry phone got a bit wet. While this has happened before with both this phone and an older Bold, I haven't encountered any such problems before.

    My Blackberry, as far as I remember, apparently turned off. I took its battery out, put it near the window and had it stay there until it dries. As I have not been able, at that time, to solve the problem on my own, I prefered to use an older phone. Now, that I cannot longer use my older phone, I would be glad to know if there's any way I could repair the one I was talking about.

    When it boots, though, my screen looks much alike the TV screen when there's no signal. I have found this picture here, which describes exactly the situation: d3nevzfk7ii3be cloudfront net/igi/EcUcHBE6pG5b5gJR.large (I had to remove the periods in order for the forum to permit pe insert this link. Sorry for the issue.)

    What is worth mentioning, though, is that, after having it slowly dry for some weeks, the screen looks perfectly normal during the booting process. But if I try to press anything, say to insert my PIN code, the screen goes mad once again.

    09-15-14 03:21 PM
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    09-15-14 03:39 PM

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