03-16-18 09:47 PM
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    Are you talking about BBOS phones or BB10? BB10 phones will continue to work for email and SMS after 2019. BBOS will probably stop, but they have had a good run. Most will be 10 years old at the end of 2019.
    Not so sure. We mentioned this before. We don't know about BBID and Protect. If those servers are shut down too, what happens if you need to reload the OS, or maybe even just re-boot, and there's no BBID server to check against? Is the phone locked out?

    BlackBerry hasn't clarified, so maybe there is no problem.

    Maybe BlackBerry will release an OS update that releases the phone from the servers and keeps all ID stuff internal.

    Until BlackBerry says something about it, we are just guess. The BB10 phones actually have a good bit of ties back to the NOC that we realize.
    03-16-18 09:47 PM
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