1. johnbgonsalves's Avatar
    Hey bla1ze, when is blackberry coming to South America? .I moved here from the USA, and no one that I have met in 3 years so far owns blackberry, at least not here in cai. I have the curve,classic,Z30, and the Priv. They are my babies. I won't give them up. They are my children, plus no warranty past 2 years...I would buy one and have it sent to me but customes here in Colombia would steal it. That no joke ...I just get them repaired until they are avaliable here in Cali,Colombia.
    01-06-18 06:37 PM
  2. Carjackd's Avatar
    You might be better off asking @bbmobile that on twitter they would have a better idea of release dates although they may not be willing to disclose release date information until they publicly announce it.
    Zack Brown1420 likes this.
    01-06-18 06:47 PM

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