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    Hey I want to know which is the best stable OS version and Bundle for bold 9900.
    I want to upgrade/downgrade because my mobile automatically restarts and i think its in my OS. Although i'm using this OS since 5-6 months. And my battery is new just bought it 5 months
    02-04-15 09:00 AM
  2. raino's Avatar
    This seems to be the newest: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...-o2-uk-865486/

    Regarding stability, I recommend you read through the thread.
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    02-04-15 01:52 PM
  3. Faysal Suleman's Avatar
    About the restart problem. It happens due to the battery. There is very less chance that an application or OS does this. I have bold 9900 and have changed the battery twice. This is my 3rd battery now and it costed me around 17.6 usd. BTW im using 2435 bundle (
    03-25-15 11:49 AM

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