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    Hi There,

    I work for a small company with no real IT support. Our email server is Google/Gmail based; however, I use Microsoft Outlook on my desktop and the Blackberry Classic for my phone. The challenge that I am having is the three different systems don't really communicate. If I put something in my Outlook calendar, it won't show up on my phone or on the Gmail platform. If I add a contact in Outlook, it doesn't add to my phone or Gmail.

    I used to have BES but when I went to add it with Telus, I was told that my company must first implement it. Is there an easier way?

    What are my options for getting Outlook and Berry to sync?


    08-04-15 11:15 AM
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    What are my options for getting Outlook and Berry to sync?
    I am satisfied with BlackBerry Link's non-real-time method of syncing my Z10 contacts with my Outlook 2007 address book, so I have no direct experience to relate.

    I think it should be fairly simple to sync two platforms. Search Internet for possible solutions. I think finding common ground among three different platforms might be difficult. Our smarter forum members might offer you a perfect solution. Good luck.
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    08-04-15 11:30 AM
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    The most reliable way is going to be Exchange ActiveSync since it's built into the protocol to sync mail, calendars, and contacts. I use Office 365 for Business, and it's been seamless between my office computer, laptop, and Q10 as well as my colleagues' computers and Android and Windows Phone devices.

    In terms of Gmail, if you're using Gmail for business there is an add-on for Outlook that will allow you a similar function to ActiveSync: https://support.google.com/a/answer/..._topic=4454825
    It's also available for your Classic. https://support.google.com/a/answer/..._topic=1220873

    Overall, if you're going to use Gmail, going the paid route of Google Apps is going to be a much better solution for business than relying on the free webmail service since by virtue of paying for Google Apps you get much stronger privacy protections.
    08-04-15 11:37 AM

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