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    Hello guys!

    At this moment i have 3 VPS servers for testing purposes(windows server 2008 R2).
    I have 1 server where the domain controller runs on, 1 server with BES12 and SQL-2012 installed and 1 server with MS Exchange installed on it.

    Now i have the following problem/issue:

    I want to use PGP in combination with BES12 to encrypt the emails that the users will send on the blackberry devices. I have had a live chat with someone from symantec and he told me to install symantec endpoint encryption management server, but every forum and BES12 guides say that i need symantec encryption management server(SEMS). Am i right? Do we need to use SEMS instead of SEEMS?
    Because i tried to use SEEMS and i could not find the options that i needed.
    If there is a other option or alternative to get it working with something diffrent then SEMS please let me know we need to get the project running as quickly as possible or if there is a service were we can hire SEMS systems like VPS/Cloud hosting.

    Also i got another problem where u could maybe help me out:
    I have a test device BB Q10 which i connected to BES12. The first time everything worked fine I got the message on the device: Activation successful etc.. Now i tried setting up a work space and re-enroll the same device, but it failed. Now i have tried to RESET the phone with the security wipe option on the device itself.
    Now when I want to activate the phone again I get an error message saying : Activation cant be completed. Check that you are connected to a network or contact your administrator for assistance.

    Also to setup a secure work space only. Do i have to go to the Activation TAB and pick work space.
    I can pick 2 things that are Work space and personal. When i choose the work space option does this mean Work space only? (I cant find an option for Regulated device(Since this would be Work space only?))

    Looking forward to reactions thnx in advance guys!

    BES 12, Exchange 2010, Windows server 2008 R2. Blackberry Q10
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    Try asking in the BES forums.

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    10-03-15 08:27 PM

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