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    Our company BES 10.2 server has the EZ Pass Silver licenses (not Gold). What can we do with these licenses?
    Can we have our Exchange 2010 mail setup on an iPhone/iPad or do we need to get the Gold licenses for the Secure Workspace.
    I've gone through the admin and server config document but it's not helping.

    We've already got the APN certificate for iOS and I can activate a device (iPad) but the mail doesn't work.

    Any instructions or tips will be helpful

    Thanks in advance
    06-18-14 09:33 AM
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    I'm just acknowledging this question. I don't know enough about BES and this program to answer, BUT I have reach out to some of my contacts to try to get you an answer, please standby!
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    06-18-14 09:46 AM
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    you might get more exposure if you post in the BES10 area.

    with the silver licenses you get basic MDM ability and control. You dont need the gold licenses if all you want to do is push an email configuration and other basic restrictions to the phones. The gold license allows you to utilize the secure work space features.

    You just need to create an activesync profile in the UDS console and apply it to a group and then apply that group to a person's device that is activated.

    check out this page too http://el.blackberry.com/pricingupdate
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    06-18-14 10:05 AM
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    Thanks for the info.
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    06-18-14 10:31 AM

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