1. marion 1001's Avatar
    I did a of update yesterday to and now beebuzz won't flash a different colour for my contacts. Is there any way to fix this
    07-24-14 06:34 AM
  2. RWB3325's Avatar
    I also had/have the same problem. Go back in and be sure all of you notification settings are as you would like. ( In Buzz) My Restore was not even correct. As of this AM BBM (Blue Led, Vibrate and Tone) is screwed up. I have the LED and Vibrate but no tone and my settings are correct.
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    07-24-14 06:41 AM
  3. gnirkatto's Avatar
    I personally believe that BeBuzz is broken since it went headless. Since I purchased it, I tried it 3 or 4 times, always under the latest available BB OS versions, and always had to uninstall it shortly after, due to severe bugs. This is what I experienced:

    Sometimes, custom LEDs get triggered, sometimes not.
    Sometimes, the standard (red) LED gets triggered instead of the custom one.
    Sometimes, no sound, no LED and no vibration gets triggered at all, so certain messages remain undiscovered.
    Sometimes, after a device reboot, the app doesn't seem to start up, as no notification at all for any event gets triggered.
    Sometimes, restore of previously saved configs doesn't reflect the latest backup.
    Sometimes, the app influences other apps badly. Like e.g. Blaq became almost unusable after my last try with Bebuzz, only after uninstalling Bebuzz and rebooting the phone, Blaq performed ok again (I cannot PROVE this, however, I have been using Blaq since more than a year and it was probably the most stable 3rd party app that was in my daily use, without the slightest problem, until I installed BeBuzz).

    Bugs can happen, I'm just wondering why they did not release one single bugfix update since the app went headless. Are there (still?) any major problems with going headless on BB10?
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    07-24-14 06:56 AM

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